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Nestled in a calm and quiet neighborhood, a short distance from Mill Creek and just a few blocks north of the border between the City of Mill Creek and Snohomish County, the Adult Family Home offers six cozy private rooms complemented by three spacious walk-in bathrooms. The master bedroom, complete with its private bathroom, is thoughtfully designed with senior couples in mind. Additionally, a sprawling 1,000 square foot decks at the rear of the house provides a perfect space for seniors to leisurely stroll and socialize. The house is also equipped with air conditioning, ensuring comfort during the warm summer months. This combination of peaceful surroundings, thoughtful amenities, and year-round comfort makes it a truly delightful and inviting place to call home for seniors.


  • Our Approach

    With a strong focus on individualized attention, we provide a range of services designed to cater to the unique needs of each resident. Our compassionate and highly trained staff are dedicated to ensuring the comfort, safety, and well-being of all our residents. We believe in fostering an environment that promotes both physical wellness and emotional contentment.

  • Comprehensive Care

    From assistance with daily activities and medication management to delicious fresh prepared meals that cater to dietary preferences, we take care of the details so our residents can focus on enjoying their lives. Our commitment to health extends beyond just physical well-being – we also offer a variety of engaging activities to stimulate the mind and nurture the spirit.

  • Home-like Atmosphere

    We’ve created a welcoming environment that truly feels like home. Our thoughtfully designed living spaces offer the perfect balance of comfort and functionality. Residents have the freedom to enjoy their private rooms while also taking advantage of our inviting common areas for socializing and relaxation.
  • Community Connections

    At Penny Creek Adult Family Home, we believe that community is essential for a fulfilling life. Residents have the opportunity to form lasting friendships and connections through shared experiences and organized social events. We encourage family involvement and warmly welcome them to be a part of our extended family.
  • Personalized Care Plans

    We recognize that every individual is unique, and so are their needs. Our personalized care plans ensure that each resident receives the level of support that’s right for them. Whether it’s assistance with mobility, memory care, or simply a helping hand, we’re here to provide the care that enhances quality of life.


Embrace Life’s Opportunities At Our adult family home, Explore Our care facilities! Discover our Home Care Living With Our Accommodations and Amenities.